Weight Loss

It’s safe to say that I’ve been the fat kid ever since I hit puberty in 5th grade. I’ve always been overweight, and I’ve never been happy with my body. I’ve been DIETING for more than half of my life — can you believe it?

My younger sister and me around 2001.


But, things changed in January of 2013. I was getting to a point in my life where I was tired of feeling like crap. I had a wonderful boyfriend, and we were quickly headed down the road toward marriage, and I finally wanted to be a person that I was happy with. I wanted to get myself to a place where I was happy with how I looked in [expensive] pictures we’d get after getting engaged and on our wedding day, and I wanted to feel like I could be confident starting a family and teaching our kids self worth.

In January 2013, I joined Runnin’ for Rhett, a Sacramento based non-profit that offers adult half marathon training. My college friend Lauren had been doing half marathons and she had told me a few months before “If I can do it, you can do it!” I really took that to heart and jumped head first into training at the start of the new year. I didn’t lose any weight during the first season, but I did gain a bit of self worth and meet some great people who were out there, moving and improving themselves — so nice to be in a supportive setting!

Everything came to a head for me when my mom was visiting in July of that year, we got into an argument about some running shoes and how I didn’t like them because they made my feet hurt, and she said “It’s because you have fat feet!” Typing that now, it’s pretty amazing that that sentence is what finally spurred me to a 40 lb. weight loss, but it’s true. My mom had been telling me I was fat for years, and with my new found sense of self-worth, I was tired of hearing it.

So, the day after she left, July 8, I started logging every calorie into My Fitness Pal. I held myself to 1200 net calories a day (I’d eat more depending on how many calories I burned during exercise), and I started losing weight — shocking. My boyfriend worked really hard to make sure we were eating low-calorie, nutrient-packed food, and by November, I’d lost 20 lbs. We celebrated our 4th anniversary of dating that month, and he also proposed — nothing like a wedding to keep a bride-to-be moving! We continued our weight loss into 2014, and I got into the low 150s. I even did a three week vegan cleanse, that took me down to 147, but that wasn’t very easy to maintain — cinnamon rolls, alcohol, and pizza on the day after didn’t help. But there you have it, since May 2014, I’ve been between 150-159 lbs. And you know what, I like where I’m at. I don’t look in the mirror and see a fat person any more. I’m actually starting to accept myself as normal. I still get a little weirded out when I buy small shirts and size 4 dresses (down from large and 12), but I’m starting to feel good and starting to accept the new me.


This blog post marks the end of my weight loss journey, and the start of a new one. I have new goals to be healthier, and I don’t plan on using the scale as a metric! I’ve always wanted to feel stronger, so I’m starting with some simple things. I want to have stronger, leaner arms, and I want to tone up my butt and upper thighs. What does that require? Strength training. So, here we go… stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss”

    1. Thanks, Emily! It’s definitely been a journey!

      Loving following your blog. I especially loved your list that included driving a mini-van. My husband rode to lunch in his co-worker’s Honda Odyssey last week and called me up and told me all about how great of a car it was. He probably would have gone out and bought one right then and there if they had the towing capacity of a truck! =)

  1. Loved reading this Larisa! you look fabulous – and I’m glad you feel that yourself!

    Dieting all the time can be very painful….I’m glad you are no longer in that phase.

    I am also focusing on strength vs weight loss now. I dropped what I needed to last year (very grateful for that) and now it’s building upon it.

    1. Thanks, Shachi! I know I don’t say it much, but I love reading your posts about the balance of being a mom with a healthy lifestyle all while having a career. =) Something I aspire to be!

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