March 7 & 8: Busiest Weekend Ever

I thrive under the pressure of having a lot of things to do, and the past month has been a shining example of that. Three of Runnin’ for Rhett‘s biggest components all converged this past week. We have our Youth Fitness Program about to start up. We had our target race for the winter/spring training on Saturday. And, we had our biggest fundraiser, Capitol Beer Fest on Sunday. Can I just say that all three went great!?!?!

On Monday I went to my first liaison training! One of the coolest parts about our Youth Fitness Program is that we provide liaisons to all of the schools that participate. Liaisons help the coach out by administering the pre and post tests as well as giving a few nutrition lessons during the weeks in the middle. Liaisons also know and convey Rhett’s story to the kids, inspiring them to run and walk when he couldn’t. Until this season, I didn’t have the time in my schedule to be a liaison, but I now finally do, and I can’t wait. Training for my school starts on Monday, March 16! =) On another note, my responsibility on the Youth Fitness Program Committee is to market to and enlist schools in our program. Through past seasons’ success and some awesome word of mouth, we have FORTY-FIVE schools participating this season. That’s ELEVEN more than the fall, and we are poised to grow even more next fall!


IMG_6844Saturday was my third Lucky Run and fifth overall half marathon. Despite the uneven trail where half of my group fell at one point or another during the run, we had a great time, and several of us walked away with a PR. When I first did the Lucky Run in 2013, I had a time of 3:30:59. Saturday I got a 2:47:11 — almost 45 minutes faster! I am planning to start training at a 2:1 pace starting on Saturday as our Stay Fit season starts. I’m also shooting for 300 miles this season! (I got around 215 last year.)



And finally Sunday was Capitol Beer Fest! When Randy asked me to sit on this committee in November 2013, I had no idea what I was getting into. Last year, my responsibilities were marketing and social media, which I absolutely loved. Check out the Facebook page archives for fun beer facts haha. And then this year, I added on Brewer Relations and ultimately co-chair responsibilities with Randy and Rebecca. Those two are so good at what they do, and we each rocked it when it came to our individual responsibilities. We expanded this year’s event to have one more block, almost triple the bathrooms, 10 more brewers, 8 more food trucks, several more vendors, and about 1,500 more people! Through the hard work of our 16 person committee and our 300 day-of volunteers we pulled off an extremely successful event! All of the proceeds will go back to our Youth Fitness Program — and we’re gonna need ’em if we keep growing by 10 schools every season! On a sappy note, I want to say that I have so much love for the craft beer community of Sacramento, of California, and of the U.S. These brewers are always willing to support us during our fundraisers, and they are some of the nicest men and women you will ever meet!

With all of the kindness and support that was heaped out this week, I feel like the quote “If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up,” by Booker T. Washington couldn’t be more applicable! We’re all better because of the amazing people we surround ourselves with!

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