Stitch Fix #1 Review

I am super excited to have finally jumped onto the Stitch Fix bandwagon!

Growing up, I was never too into fashion. Who knows if it’s because I spent all my time with my dad, or because after I hit puberty, I became overweight, but as I graduated college and started the professional Jewelry Wall Organizationstage of my life, I started to work on my wardrobe. My interest ebbed and flowed with my weight. When I was 165 in 2009, I bought TONS of clothes, but as I began to put weight on over the next few years, I rarely purchased anything, and just squeezed into what I had. I did manage to develop a bit of a jewelry habit though, thanks to my friend Kelly getting into Stella & Dot. Here’s most of my jewelry back in 2013, and I’ve only expanded my collection since.

So as I committed to my weight loss in 2013, I had to get a completely new wardrobe. First of all, I accumulated tech fabric like crazy! Who knew I’d one day have a completely separate load of laundry dedicated to workout clothes? And then I had to get rid of all of my size 14’s, 12’s, Larges, etc. I spent a lot of time at my favorite consignment store, Belle Mode. I was able to take all of my nicer clothes into them and put them on consignment. And then the profits from that helped as I shopped for new clothes. My favorite visit was one where I got three really nice dresses (two from White House | Black Market) for only $87, and all of them were SIZE 4! A lot of trips to Good Will as well.

The past six months have been a fashion drought, though. Since accepting my job with Runnin’ for Rhett, I don’t really have too many occasions to get dressed up. If I even leave the house, chances are I’m wearing a baby blue polo or tech shirt and some jeans. But what really got this ball rolling was when our friends invited us out to a few birthday parties, and all of my “going out” shirts that I had left were too big (we’re talking potential for side boob big)! After I got home from the second party, I resolved that I was going to get my act together. Enter Stitch Fix.

I was SO EXCITED to get my first shipment on Monday! I did A LOT of prep work on it. I was pretty specific in my note to the stylist, asking for dresses for two summer weddings (with details of the locations, temperatures, and indoor vs. outdoor) as well as some “going out” clothes, and I really tried to refine my Style Board on Pinterest. And yes, it now occurs to me that maybe 1,000+ pins isn’t “refined” haha.

Stitch Fix Box
The Box!
Stitch Fix Stylist Note
Lovely note from Jen









Item #1: Renee C – Shelton Split Back Top – size S – $48

Stitch Fix Renee C – Shelton Split Back Top

I like the idea of this shirt. The pattern and colors are adorable, but oh man, it looked so bad on me! It was too tight around my chest, and the way the back opens up makes my butt look huge! I’m also not a stripe person, and those stripes hit me at my widest point, so it was a no go.



Item #2: Just Black – Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean – size 8 – $78

I couldn’t even get these on to photograph them. I don’t know what it is about me and skinnies. My calves and my hips are just too big for them. Maybe I could have gotten a size 12 on, but that’s not my regular jean size, so who knows? I do like black pants though, so maybe a different pair of black jeans are in my future?

Item #3: Pixley – Laurel Geo Print Maxi Dress – size M – $78

Stitch Fix Pixley – Laurel Geo Print Maxi DressThis is my first maxi dress ever! I loved it from the second I put it on. The fabric is so soft, and I absolutely love the pattern. I have a minor obsession with Grecian things, and the pattern is a perfect nod to that culture! Great pick by Jen for the indoor church/hotel wedding I’m headed to this month. Not to be too critical of myself, but I’m thinking I’ll wear some Spanx with this to the wedding, just to smooth things out…

Item #4: Bay to Baubles – Adria Shell Pendant Necklace – $34

Stitch Fix Bay to Baubles – Adria Shell Pendant NecklaceIt’s not a secret that I have too many necklaces, but I could not resist this! I don’t have a circle pendant necklace yet, right?! I’m keeping this because of my aforementioned Greece obsession. I have requested no more jewelry in my future fixes though, because that’s not what I need!




Item #5: Andrew Marc – Brodee Dress – size 6 – $128

Stitch Fix Andrew Marc – Brodee DressBy far the best item in the box! Jen picked this dress for me for the outdoor/indoor wedding I’m headed to next month. It is gorgeous! I’ve been crushing on cobalt for the last year, and I’m so excited to have this wonderful color in my closet! While the price tag is a bit steep, I definitely appreciate the tailoring that allows this dress to really hug my curves. Can’t wait to play this up with some heels and jewelry!

While I would have loved to keep all 5 pieces and get the 25% discount ($91.50!!!), the price of the two items I didn’t want was more, so I’m shifting my hopes to the next box. In summary, I LOVE STITCH FIX! Having someone else pick out clothes for me is the way I should have gone all along! =)

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #1 Review”

  1. who knew you would become a fashion blogger, Larissa. Nicely done! You may have sold me on Stitch Fix…and I’m a shopper! The maxi is adorable on you and the blue dress will be something you can wear for a long, long time.

    1. Thanks, LeeAnn! I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs about other women’s experiences! Gives me more ideas for what to ask for and how to style everything. =)

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