Bathroom Remodel

One night in June of 2015, I was sitting on the couch downstairs and noticed a darker spot on our ceiling above the TV. I pointed it out to Eric, and when he went to touch it, it was wet. This spot was directly below our master bathtub/shower. Rather than turn our ceiling into swiss cheese looking for the location of the leak, we decided to do an entire master bathroom remodel. And while we were at it, we redid the other upstairs bathroom. We saved a lot of money on materials that way. And really, what’s two bathroom remodels compared to one?

Of course, we forgot to take before pictures. So use your imagination here. The master bathroom is set up galley style. It’s light yellow with blue 2″x2″ tiling all over the vanity and the shower. The bathtub is large, but it has several patches. And the vanity drawers are shallow and barely work. The carpet is gross and there is linoleum in the toilet room. All three windows leak. The other bathroom has a terrible light green paint with huge holes in the wall, a tiny replacement mirror (after the previous owners took their bigger one when they moved), a vanity that’s falling apart, and is covered in the same gross linoleum.

July 25, 2015: We went to Lowes and picked out all of our materials and officially put in our order. We decided to finance the remodel through Lowes, and that saved us a lot of money. Materials included (clockwise): shower floor tiles, shower tile (these are 12×12 and we did 18×18 for the bathroom floors), Tranquil Tan paint color, Sammamish quartz for countertops, cherry cabinets, and ledge stone shower surround accent.


September 2015: We had both our other bathroom and our downstairs guest bathrooms resurfaced by Rudy’s Fantastic Shine. Once again, no comparison pictures, but you can see the nice quality from the other photos.

October 1, 2015: Materials arrive and demo begins (that washing machine wasn’t for us, but everything else was). I LOVED demoing. Using the sledgehammer to bust up the shower tile felt amazing! The vanity was not as fun since it had cement/chickenwire backing below the tile. The contractor said we did some of the best demo work he’s seen from homeowners. Not a bad way to save some $$$.


October 8, 2015: Contractors arrive. They papered/plastic-sheeted their walkway and removed the lighting recess and started work on plumbing the drain and 2nd shower head in the master bath.

October 13, 2015: Tile goes into the other bathroom, cabinets are installed in both bathrooms, the plywood floor of the shower goes in. New windows installed.

October 19, 2015: Hot mop (tar) goes in the master shower. It leaked through the floor and almost landed on our cream microfiber couch downstairs. Whoops!


October 23-26, 2015: Hardiebacker goes in the master shower and tile work starts on the master floor

October 27, 2015: Master floor finished and grouted, shower tile started

October 29-30, 2015: Holes patched in other bathroom walls, shower tile completed up to the ceiling, including accent ledgestone

November 1, 2015: We paint the other bathroom.


November 2, 2015: The quartz countertops and copper sinks are installed. The sinks were a little small to us at first, but we don’t mind it now, and it’s really nice to have ALL OF THAT COUNTER SPACE.

November 5, 2015: Medicine cabinet, faucets, shower hardware, can lights installed. Additional spray texture added. Also, you can see where we made them move the hole for the light and the medicine cabinet and switches in the other bathroom.

November 11, 2015: We tape off the whole master bath (took me 2 hours) and give it two coats.


November 12, 2015: Showerheads are moved up and cabinet hardware is installed

At this point, everything was done except for the shower door. The company had to come and measure it and then fabricate it. It was finally installed on December 17, 2015.


And with that, our bathrooms were 100% complete. In the master, we kept the old mirror, just framed it with the same cherry wood. We also installed new white doors, toilets, and baseboards and oil rubbed bronze towel holders, toilet paper holders, and door handles. The shower curtain in the other bathroom is from Target and the mirror is from Pier 1. You can’t tell, but we blocked the floor ducts and added overhead ducting and ventilation in both bathrooms as well.


Lowes actually sent a professional photographer out to photograph our bathrooms, but I didn’t save the images. Quite the compliment.

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