Porter’s Quiet Book

One of the best things to come from Porter’s birth, other than the kid himself, was the fact that I met so many amazing mom’s through Kaiser’s Baby & Me support group. A few of those moms and I got together to make some Quiet Books. I’d never heard of them until last February when we were visiting Eric’s aunt, and his cousin had just made one. There’s this amazing lady in Bakersfield called the Quiet Book Queen, and she gets groups of women together to make these amazing books. One of our moms, Hanna, is extremely creative and she took up the lead. We threw out our suggestions of pages we wanted to make, and she finalized it and bought all of the supplies. Here are some of the ideas she was working off of:

So then we picked which one we wanted to do. Of course, I chose the dog. When we got together for our first workday, she had a huge gallon Ziploc for us with all of the supplies and patterns. And we brought our own scissors, needles, and glue.

And then we had about two months to put 14 copies of our pages together. Hanna told us to do one all the way through first so that we could make mistakes and figure out the correct order, and from there, do them all step by step. That was a good idea because on my first copy I did the yellow collar last, and then for every other one, I did it first. I kind of thought of it like a from the bottom layer up process. My mom and I had some fun with the felt arrangements before I started really sewing them.


Before we met to exchange our pages, I also had to make a front and back cover. I went round and round on what to do but really liked the idea of curiosity. I finally decided on hot air balloons. I actually found a felt mobile tutorial that I repurposed for my cover. I think I overstuffed the clouds a bit.


It was so excited to finally get together to exchange! Here’s the table where we laid them all out. Then we decided the order we wanted and sewed the backs together. Then we punched holes and put in grommets. And Voila!



Nearly a year later, and the book is still going strong. Here’s a rundown:

  1. cover / back cover
  2. textures / alphabet beads
  3. clock / zipper rainbow
  4. Peek-a-boo dinosaur with crinkle grass / dog with buckle collar
  5. mirror and taggies / weaving
  6. snail maze (there’s a small ball that you can move through the shell) / shoelace
  7. button flowers (put in pot pocket too) / counting with buttons below flaps
  8. Camera with family photo / shape matching
  9. apple puzzle / pocket with additional train puzzle

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was A LOT of work, but I am so happy that I got to give Porter something I made and that I got to share this experience with my mom friends. They are all so amazing and a joy to be around.

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